Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Geeked Up

Call me strange! Call me weird! Call me whatever. I find it very interesting that I've become addicted to reading blogs on the net. Today, I was reading one of my favorites by Moreena called the Wait and the Wonder. She referenced a new blog that was her favorite called Pediatric Grand Rounds. I checked it out, and since I'm all geeked up for medical topics, I'm hooked. I especially like reading a blogger called Neonatal Doc. He shared a story of a woman who was given a toxic dosage of magnesium sulfate while on bedrest 7 months pregnant. This hit home for me, the former 2 time severe preeclamptic. It reminded me how easily I could have met the same fate. Thank goodness for proper medical care. Of course, I can say that now since preeclampsia is becoming somewhat of a distant memory. I do have some rather vivid memories of cursing my doctors when my lymph glands swelled up and I looked like a horrible swollen Michellin man, also known as a postpartum preeclamptic. Ugh! I guess those memories aren't all that distant. My former 27 weeker is now 2 and only 21 pounds, but has become quite the girly toddler. She has become quite the diva in regard to specific Sesame Street characters who must or must not appear on her diapers.