Monday, October 17, 2011

Meghan Lost Her First Tooth

At nearly 7 1/2 half years old, Meghan finally lost her first tooth on October 12th. She lost her right lower front tooth. She was very excited, although sad as she is a thumb sucker. We've been working with her to wean herself off as her adult teeth come in. I remember how it felt when I had to stop sucking my index and middle finger on my right hand. Poor Meggie! It is her way of self-soothing. (And to those who've said this...No, it isn't bad parenting. Children need all ways of self-soothing. Life for Meghan was extremely hard in the beginning as she was a micro-preemie. I vividly remember Megs inside her craddle head turned to the left with her thumb inside her mouth happily slumbering. It melted my mommy heart.) Anyway, Meghan lost her tooth during a Brownie meeting. The tooth fairy brought her $5, plus $1 for her big sister, Grace, so she wouldn't feel bad. ;) Dad Charlie said that the tooth fairy found them just fine on their trip up to the South Shore of Lake Superior. My baby...she is growing up so fast now.