Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Violin Recital

Grace performed in her first violin recital tonight. She was quite proud of herself, and that Grandma B, Grandpa B, Auntie Lauren, Mom, Dad, and Meghan were all there to see her. Enjoy these pictures, and a brief video of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, too.

The Ten original story by Meghan

Enjoy this older video of Meghan...I finally got it to upload. She made me giggle so hard the day we made it.

Friday, May 08, 2009

For My Tinker Bell

My miracle girl
Inspiring me daily
With your fierce nature
So independent and strong
Gathering knowledge

Driven to be older, bigger
Not realizing that you
Are older and wiser than most
An old soul dwells within you
Seeking out final lessons

Yet your wisdom exudes from
Your pixie-like size
Never, ever stopping Tinker Bell
Showing off your mischievous
Crooked, cross-bitten smirk

You've lived more life
In five short years
Than most live in a lifetime
You faced micro prematurity head on
Adding to my graying hair

Your tininess trapped your spirit
For a while
But the blues of you revealed
Your Cheshire character beneath
Clawing from within to escape

Shackles now shed
A bright shimmery essence glows within
As you charge through life
Rejoicing in your freedom
Spreading your pixie dust

Adding to my sly grin
As I celebrate your free spirit
Knowing I delivered magic to the world
Only five short years before
I revel in the wonder of you