Sunday, November 28, 2010

For Kripity

Kripity, Kripity, doc
Sister of mine
Cancer lit up your clock
Giving its sign

Reminding us all
Of life’s preciousness
Scaring us all
Scaring you most

If I could
Will it away
I’d take it away
But what I know best

Is that fear
Brings change
Change for the good
Change for the better

It isn’t easy
To be the medium
Delivering the message
To help others remember

That life isn’t about
Having the newest car
The biggest, newest house
The best designer purse

It isn’t easy
To be the one
Wearing cancer
For all to see

You know life
Comes in those moments
In between

A smile and a giggle
Light up your life
A warm embrace
Pours life into your soul

A quiet moment
Seals up your cracks
And settles into your bones
Allowing your core to emerge

Poignant moments
With the ones you love
Reveal the true meaning
Of your existence

Life is rarely
Easy and carefree
It has hills for climbing
But also for coasting down

We slip and slide
Cry and laugh
Beg and plead
For your returned health

You are amazing
Resilient, adored
And most of all beautiful

Your strength
Shines from within
Pulling you up
In your darkest moments

Lifting you up
Into the light
So you can take back
Your cancer-free life

I love you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tooth Loss

Grace lost her upper left lateral incisor on Saturday, November 6th.