Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm Sad...

Today, I dropped Grace off at her before school day care program. When I was walking down the hallway out of the school, Shanna stopped me. She said she wanted to tell me something that Grace said to her the day before when they were having some bonding time.

Me: "What did Grace say?"
Shanna": "I'm sad I was born with Alpha-1."
(Hmmmm...but I remained calm. Guess mom Jen was having a good day emotionally.)
Me: "What were you talking about?
Shanna: "I think it was about painting finger nails."

Tonight before I put Grace to bed, I asked her about why she was sad she had Alpha-1.

Grace: "Because I can't paint my finger nails."
Me: "Grace, you can have painted finger nails sometimes. We just have to be careful because of fumes. We can paint your nails in the back yard where the wind can take the fumes away."
Grace: "What are fumes?"
Me: "They are like stinky smells that hurt our lungs."
Grace: "Oh."
Me: "What color nail polish do you want Gracie?"
Grace: "Blue with glitter like Aisha from school."
Me: "How about pink? Or purple?"
Grace: "I like red and green."
Me: "Just because you have Alpha-1 doesn't mean that you can't have painted nails Gracie. We just can't do it too much. It is more important not to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol."
Grace: "Ok. What is alcohol?"
(Oh boy...)
Me: "A drink that makes people act silly but it hurts their livers. We don't drink alcohol because we are Alphas, right?"
Grace: "Right."
Me: "We'll paint our nails some pretty colors. It will be fun."

Grace gave me a hug. Her Alpha-1 realizations are coming fast and strong now, but I'm proud she talks about it with people she loves. Way to grow Gracie!

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