Monday, March 19, 2007


Today, my grandma Eve turned 88 years old. I've tried to imagine myself at the age of 88, and wonder if I'll be as eloquent, calm, stubborn, and diplomatic as she. What will unfold in my life between now and then, if I make it to 88 in the year 2060?

Will I still live in my own home?
Will I still drive my car, just around town?
Will I still cook? (Ha ha, my husband is laughing at that one.)
Will I revel in my children's accomplishments?
Will I revel in my grand children's accomplishments?
Will I revel in my great grand children, especially how they grow up so fast?
Will I still remember the subtle details of my life as she does?

Will I know how truly loved I am?
Will I know that my loved ones are dreading the "call" that will eventually come?

Tonight, Gram was her true self. She wouldn't let me ask much about her day. She wanted to know about me, my husband, my girls. Gram wouldn't have it any other way.

I got one hint from her though. She was extremely pleased that Mary Buchanan had sent her a birthday card. What made this such a blessing was that she believed her friend had passed on already. I could hear the happiness in her speech as it became rapid. She couldn't wait to tell me. Her pure joy emanated through the telephone as she expressed her friend from Oxford was alive.

Upon hearing the name, I had a flashback to being in a tiny church near Oxford and watching my grandparents greet the Buchanans before mass started. I was craning my neck to see their faces at about hip level on my Gram. Grandpa said, "Well, hi-a honey!" Mary smiled at me, and said, "I see the girls are up for a visit."

As conversations do, the topic eventually drifted to Grandma being proud of her three sons and how their families have blossomed. I suppose since birthdays make a person reflect, Gram revealed that she had actually had 5 pregnancies. "I was always so pleased that I had three boys, but I might have liked a daughter. I always thought that my miscarriages were my girls. You know my doctor wouldn't tell me whether they were boys or girls. She said it was better to focus on having another baby. I think she was right."

Well, Gram, you had to wait until 1972 to get me as your first grandchild. As you've told me multiple times, I know I've made you proud and that you love me. I love you too.

Happy birthday Grandma! I'm so lucky to have you in my life.



Kristen said...

Making me cry, Jen!!!!

Love, Krip

sarah said...

matt and i are gonna go visit on april 1st. can't wait to meet her!