Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another Cousin Gone

Gosh, I'm pretty depressed since I recently found out my cousin, Butch, passed away on June 27th at age 44. I'm assuming his Alpha-1 liver disease is what finally released his soul. How is it that we just found out you're gone???

I hadn't seen him in many years, but it just feels strange knowing he is gone. As a little girl, I remember him hanging out with my uncle David and Butch's older brother, Tony. They would have been teenagers at the time, and they seemed so old to me then. But now I think that Butch was simply too young to die. There are too many Alpha angels in heaven. It just makes me so so sad to know he is gone. How is it that your brother, Tony, is the only one left of your siblings now? How is it that 4/5 siblings are gone from Alpha-1? Sometimes, I wonder...

Butch, I know you joined your mom, Beth, Amy, and Pam. Fly with the angels.

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