Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mama So Proud

Today, Meghan had her first trip to the pumpkin farm. I've missed virtually all of Meghan's "firsts" throughout her life for various reasons, but this one, I could control. I could be there.

While carting two of Meghan's preschool friends and her teacher, Miss Amy, I struck up a conversation with Miss Amy. I was interested in hearing how she thought Meghan was doing in K3. I've always wondered if Meghan would need to be "held back" an extra year before starting K4. With her micropreemie start in life, I wondered if she'd need extra time to mature and learn before competing with her peers in school. I very vividly recall a conversation I had with her neonatologist while she was still incubating. He had indicated Meghan would be high risk for learning problems and attention deficit disorder.

I'm happy to report that Miss Amy doesn't see any lagging or delays in Meghan's abilities when compared with her peers. This makes my heart warm today! :)

The pumpkin farm was great too, but somehow this spur of the moment conversation helped me breathe a large sigh of relief for now. Meghan is still at risk for learning problems based on her micropreemie birth, but for now, she seems to be beating some of those odds. Who knows? Maybe K4 isn't as far away at it seemed yesterday?


Yesterday, Grace's class visited an apple orchard and pumpkin farm, too. I chaperoned and rode the bus with her there. She had fun sitting next to Dylan and pretty much ignored me all the way there. It is good to see her social skills are exploding now. Whew!

Tonight, we had Grace's parent/teacher conference. Last year, Grace did well, but this year she is going great according to her teacher. Teacher said "Grace is in the top of the class." Wow! Wahoo! Yeehaw!

It was a "mama so proud" day! I'm sure it was a "daddy so proud day" too.

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childlife said...

Oh! Sooo happy for you! I really identified with you here... I missed pretty much all of my oldest's firsts too because of her health. We're still working through some of her social delays, but she's catching up fast. I know well the joy of a glowing report in this department and I'm so happy for you all!