Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tim is Home from Afghanistan

When you were just a boy of 5
I left to start my adult life
Off to college I went
Before I left, you tugged my sleeve, and said
"You can't go. You're the other mom."
"Sorry Timmy. I'll miss you, but I must go."

Then we reversed roles
Last summer as a man of 24
You journeyed to Afghanistan
To serve your country and your fellow man
Before you left, I hugged you close, and said
"Please be safe, Tim. This is could mean your life."

Now, hallelujah!
You’ve safely left the strife
I celebrate that blessing
But never forget your comrades
Who didn’t come back
Who don’t have their lives

With each day
I know you will find
A little bit of peace
And a different meaning to your life
So please be kind to yourself
And know your fortitude amazes big sis Jen

As you reintegrate
And process all your experiences
Without the filter of war
Remember it is one day at a time
One memory at a time
And ask for help as you need it

I’m one phone call away
Always available to you
Very unlike the hills and mountains
You climbed up and down there
Never forget that I want you to know
How proud I am of you and the man you’ve become

1 comment:

Lori said...

That was beautiful Jen. I am glad he's home safe.