Monday, October 25, 2010

School Days 2010

It is time for a long overdue update on the girls, as we recently had parent-teacher conferences.

Grace's teacher reports that she is doing quite well in 3rd grade. Hooray for Gracie! Grace is now reading to learn rather than learning to read. This is more of a challenge for her, but she seems to be embracing that challenge quite nicely. I'm super proud of her ability to express herself in writing. Her English spelling is atrocious, but that is to be expected considering her primary way of being taught is in German. Grace enjoys writing her own stories, drawing maps to find buried treasure, or reading Harry Potter books along with anything Junie B. Jones. She rapidly learns her math, which still amazes me. She loves learning to write in cursive, and is enjoying being a "big kid" at school. Finally, Grace still tends to be a bit more shy than her classmates. She is easily embarrassed by speaking in front of her peers, but overcomes that with some time and patience.

Meghan's teacher tells us that she is advanced with her printing and drawing, which was nice to hear. She is rapidly acting like one of the big kids at school even though she is still tiny for her age, coming in at a whopping 35 pounds. She is doing very well with her spelling words in German, and learning to add and subtract. Reading is rapidly coming to her in much the same way Grace acquired English reading...all by herself. She sometimes gets the words wrong by guessing, but I like that she just goes full steam ahead Meghan-style. Being the true Meghan that she is, we also learned that Meghan has some trouble with patience for others in her class. However, she has infinite patience for herself. LOL We also were not surprised that she is easily distracted by others chatting, although she does not initiate the chatting. Meghan has two best friends, Miana and Sophia. They love to play together at recess. Overall, Meghan is growing up fast, especially chasing after her big sisters.

So, it was a good report all-in-all. Way to go my beautiful daughters! Mommy is so proud of you and your accomplishments.

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