Monday, August 14, 2006

Still Sick and Tired

Well, I did get my test results back from the doctor about a 1 1/2 weeks ago. He said I don't have pnuemonia, but I do have 68% reactive lymphocytes on my blood work. This indicates I have an infection of some kind. My 2nd mono test came back negative again.

Doc asked if I was still having fevers. Yes! "Are you still taking Advil?" Yes! "Oh." Finally, he told me that he "thinks" I caught Charlie's virus which gave him mono, but for some reason, I'm not converting to mono, which is some sort of atypical cell in the blood work. The doc said that he would call this "viral syndrome," whatever that is. So I asked him what the plan of action would be. He told me that I should come back in 2 weeks if I'm not feeling better.

Still not feeling better! I don't have the fevers anymore, but I still have aches and pains all over with a large headache. I'm still taking 6 advil a day, and well, my stomach does not thank me for that right now. Eeewww...

Tomorrow the 2 week time frame is up, and well, there is no way I can get into to see him before we leave on our annual expedition to visit Charlie's grandma and my grandma in North Dakota. Advil does make me physically feel better, but I'm still so very tired. I'm booked all day long in meetings at work, and well, there is no getting out of them.

A new symptom I have now is that my lymph glands are all swollen and hard and actually hurt to touch. Maybe this time I would test postive for mono? Oh, who am I kidding? That would be too easy.

On a positive note, I'm so very excited to see my dear Grandma Eve who is living in her own home at 87 and still drives her car (only in town). I hope this won't be my last visit with her though. I guess I've always got that in the back of my mind. I still miss Grandpa Neil so much when we go there. It is so strange to walk in and not have him greet me with "Well, hello there honey! Come and give us a kiss! There's my Jen-eh. (in his Kentucky drawl) And of course, I couldn't leave out my dear Grandpa Gene on my mom's side. He'd always greet me by saying "Hi ya darlin'!"

I'm going to be so careful with not getting my Grandma sick. I don't want my virus to send her to the hospital. That would be horrible.

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Amanda M said...

Jen - Hope you feel better soon! Achy all over is no fun :(

Hopefully a little grandma-energy will be healing; we can hope, right?