Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired

Warning: rant ahead!

I've had a fever for 3 straight weeks. It started out as a super high 103.5 fever and then came down to 99.5-100 range. I had the high fever for 4 days, and then another 3 days of low grade. Off to the doctor I went, and he tells me it probably a virus and did bloodwork to make sure that I didn't catch my hubby's Mono. Turned out I didn't have mono. We assumed I'd just get better. That was the first week.

Then the second week, I developed a viral rash all over my body, which looked bad but didn't itch and wasn't raised. Still had the low grade fever with body aches, headaches, and general malaise. Called the doctor's office and his stupid MA tells me that "We don't do rashes. You'll need to see a dermatologist." All the while, I'm thinking that this rash is part of my illness, and I even tell her that. Still she sends me to the derm, and won't let me talk to my doctor. I'm pretty sure she thought I had prickly heat since we've been above 95 degrees for more than a week. I told her that I didn't have prickly heat, but she wanted to be a pain in the you know what. So, I go to the stupid derm, and the derm freaks out like a 14 year old high schooler at seeing how many moles/freckles I have on me. (I'm a red head!) After I put her in her place, I reminded her that I was there for the rash! UGH
She tells me that the rash is viral exanthem most likely caused by Fifths Disease. We end the 3 minute conversation, and she tells me it will go away on its own when the virus finally leaves my system. Meanwhile, I'm frustrated and still sick with a fever and now a rash and no def. diagnosis.

Well, here we are at week 3 of still having a fever and feeling like crap. Rash is now gone. I went to the doctor again yesterday, and well, now he is stumped. He isn't sure what is going on with me now. He ordered a chest x-ray and additional bloodwork, and I'm still waiting on those results. Doc thanked me for coming back. He was clueless that the MA had sent me to the derm for the rash. I guess the derm hadn't sent her report to him yet. So now the doctor is wondering if I have viral pneumonia, hyperthyroidism, or possibly a virus attacking my heart. While in the office, my resting heart rate was 120!!!!! WTF??????

All I know is that I've been eating 6 Advil a day for 3 straight weeks so I don't I feel like crap 100% of my days. I'm feeling very frustrated, and tired of what feels like the run around. All I want are some answers.

The one good thing is that DH took the kids up to our family cabin on the lake for the week. I'm alone, but at least I can be sick in peace. I'm longing for a good hug from my hubby, though.

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Surgeon in my dreams said...

I just found your site and have enjoyed it so far. I do hope you find out soon what is causing your 'bug'.