Saturday, February 24, 2007


I thought I'd share a little of the childhood logic that appears at random times in our household. Before I tell you, know that Grace and Meghan are at ages where they have noticed differences between people. They know that ladies have boobies, but men still have nipples too. Here is a little of our conversation today:

Meghan pulls her shirt away from her neck and peers down into her shirt, and says "I have boobies."
Grace: "Me too. I have boobies. Mommy has big boobies."
Me: "Thanks Gracie, but I don't have big boobies."
Meghan: "I have big boobies!"
Grace: "No, you don't! God has ginormous boobies!"
Me: "What? Oh! (Laughter as I realize that Grace thinks God is a huge entity.) "Gracie, is God a man or a lady?"
Grace: "A man!"
Meghan: "I have boobies!"
Me: "Yes, you both have boobies."

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sarah said...

nearly just peed in my pants!