Sunday, February 11, 2007

Neurodevelopmental Issues in Preemies

Hmmm...should I be glad about this post? Should I be sad?

Well, I'm just confused as of yet. I think I'll reread this one several times before I can completely digest it. In any case, having had 2 premature daughters, I want to know what I'm facing as they get older.


Amy, Carly's Mom said...

Happy Valentine's Day to Grace and Meghan!

Lauren said...

I meant to mention this to you last night, but if you want to know more info or hear some specific cases related to this in the school setting... let me know. Unfortunately, I've seen it happen in a few cases already. IQ & Achievement seemed normal at first and then the gains did not continue at the same pace. I know it's a scary topic, but you've always been a "I need more info" type of Mom. Just let me know.... -Lo