Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Birthday Girl

Today is my step-daughter, Kesa's, birthday. Happy 15th Kesa! I'm having a hard time believing it was so long ago that she came into my life. Time certainly does seem to speed up when you are observing a child grow up.

In a fitting tribute, I thought it worthwhile to share one of my more vivid memories of Kesa as a baby.

Kesa was crawling age. I think about 9 months old, but my memory is fading. At that time, her blond curls sprung up off her head and her cherubic cheeks glowed with a pink hue. I remember being shocked by how much she looked like Charlie.

As her chubby thighs and knees pushed against the brown carpet, she giggled and shrieked with joy as she approached me sitting on a sofa. I couldn't help but smile at her excitement. Charlie egged her on with "Come to Dada! Come to Dada!" Kesa squealed with delight and swiftly crawled about 6 feet toward us.

Charlie scooped her up, and that was when I first really witnessed the father-daughter bond between them. He kissed her cheek a bunch of times, and then put her down on the floor again. Kesa giggled again, and promptly crawled off toward her Papa. I knew Charlie was proud, but he exuded pride and parental love that day. I hope my memory of that day pays tribute to Charlie and Kesa's relationship.

Has it really been 15 years?

As Kesa prepares to learn how to drive, becomes more interested in boys, and works her way through high school, I see Charlie's bond continuing to deepen. He aches to talk to her on the phone or get an email from his busy teenager these days. (Kesa lives 4 hours away from us.)

I guess it makes me appreciate what we have with Grace and Meghan even more. They, too, will grow up too fast, and I had better appreciate them as little girls while I can.

Happy Birthday Kesa!

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