Monday, April 16, 2007

The Birthday Girl

Five years ago today, a tiny, fussy wrinkled baby girl came abruptly out of my stomach. She had been delivered by c-section by Dr. Schultz because I had severe preeclampsia. I remember her cries that were as if to say, "Put me back in there! I'm not ready to be born yet." My thoughts were very similar, but I was so very sick and relieved that my baby was alive and getting the important care she needed in our experienced NICU.

That day, I became a mother...a mom who felt an amazing amount of love. A love that I had never felt before. A love that I can't describe appropriately in words. It is a love to be experienced not written about. I'm quite certain the mothers who read this will agree.

That day, a force to be reckoned with was born. Her name is Grace Ann. My beautiful girl. Our gorgeous daughter. An extension of both myself and my husband.

Today, we celebrate Gracie.

We celebrate Grace's endless spinning, jumping, laughing, running, teasing, whining, giggling, silly self.

We celebrate her inner beauty. Her need to declare her love at random times. Her intense need to stroke her ears and anything remotely soft or silky. Her moments of shrieking as Meghan calls her stinker pooper head. Her neverending movement as we sit as a family at the dinner table. Her intense dread at the prospect of getting cold or chilly. Her need for at least 12-13 hours of sleep per day. Her grouchy self in the morning. Her ramming speed approach to all things. Her hugs which allow you to feel the depths of her soul.

We celebrate all of Grace. We celebrate her past, present, and future.

Plus, we celebrate all of these beautiful 5 year old faces, which continue to deepen our love for her.

Happy Birthday Gracie. We love you forever.


Amy said...

Jen - Gracie is just beautiful and you are so lucky to have her (and Meghan) here with you today. I hope she had a wonderful birthday. As I read your post it brought me right back to the day that my Gracie was born...your words never cease to amaze me.

Amanda M said...

Happy Birthday Gracie!! Hope it was a great one!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Grace! You're so special - I hope your day was too!

Christie said...

sorry, i'm a little late but what a cutie!!! i hope she had a wonderful birthday!