Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Happy 5th NICU Graduation Day Grace!

Yes, it was five short years ago that Gracie was discharged from the NICU. She had been there for 23 days. I remember being so relieved to bring her home with us, but then those normal "can I really do this?" fears crept into my mind. I was quietly freaking out on the inside.

Our former kitty, Eeyore, and current kitty, Winnie, greeted her at the front door. It was a super windy day, and we quickly took her in the house. After all, Gracie had been in the overprotective environment of the NICU, and now, she was out in the world. I was pretty naive then, but I suppose that was to be expected.

Weighing in at 4 pounds, 2 ounces on discharge day, she seemed so fragile and at that time was the tiniest baby I'd see up close. (Meghan subsequently changed my opinion of tiny.) As most newborns do, Grace slept most of her way through the first day at home and then promptly woke us up three times that night. I couldn't sleep anyway. She was one noisey little sleeper with her grunts, squeaks, and stretch noises, but I couldn't help but listen to her. It was all so sureal.

Ah memories...

Happy 5th anniversary of your NICU graduation Gracie! We're so proud of all you have achieved since then.



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~Denise~ said...

It's amazing to think how far we as people have grown due to our situations with preeclampsia and prematurity. That was simply beautiful Jen.

Happy Welcome Home Anniversary to Gracie!!!

Kim said...

Gracie is beautiful!