Tuesday, August 21, 2007

An Alpha Realization

As I was tucking Meghan into bed tonight, I told her that she would be going to the eye doctor tomorrow.

"Why'm goin' ta the eye docta Momma?" Meghan inquired.

"To get your eyes checked out Meggie so that they stay healthy. Sometimes, kids who were born too early need to get glasses like the ones I'm wearing Meggie. Daddy will take you to see if your eyes need glasses."

Meghan responded, "Okay, Mommy."

Grace joined in, "Mommy were you born too early?"

"No honey, I wasn't born too early. I was born one week late."

"Did your mommy get sick when you were in her tummy?"

"No honey, but my mommy's mommy got sick from those nasty "party bugs" called preeclampsia like me.

"Mom, when can we make the Alpha go away?" Grace pondered.

Ah ha, there it is again. Gracie is growing up so quickly now, and her self-realization is expanding.

"Alpha-1 is not party bugs Gracie. Honey, we can't make the Alpha go away. It is part of who you are. All that we can do is take care of ourselves by staying healthy. It is in your genes, and I'm not talking about the jeans that you wear on your legs."

"How come Havalah got a new liver Mommy?"

"Her liver got very sick, and she almost had to go to heaven. Thankfully, they put a new liver inside Havalah, and she is better now. She didn't have Alpha honey. She had something else wrong with her liver."


"Honey, if you have questions about Alpha-1, always ask Mommy. We can figure out your questions together. Okay?"

"Uh huh."

"Now, you get some sleep."


~Denise~ said...

Hugs Jen.

micpro said...

The way you talk to your little girls is absolutely beautiful. My little girl is starting to ask questions about her condition that I just don't have answers for. The sweet way that you interact with your children is inspiring - truly.