Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ode to Clean Air

Well, I'm just jokin' about the ode part...

Charlie and I just got back from sin city, aka Las Vegas. We attended our dear friend Shanna's wedding to Steve. It was 107 that day, and well, I've never worn sun screen to a wedding before. :)

In any case, it was fun to get some one-on-one time with my husband. It was down right decadent at times what with us being able to lie down on the bed, and lazily flip channels without a child whining something to the effect of "I wanna watch Dora!" I missed the girls, and they were frequently our topic of conversation.

What I didn't like about Las Vegas was the amount of cigarette and cigar smoke I encountered on what seemed to happen in 30-second intervals. Blech! Now that I've been educated about how exposure to one cigarette completely wipes out the available Alpha-1 hanging out in a person's lungs, I'm a whole lot neurotic about avoiding the stuff.

At one point, Charlie and I were walking to our elevator to go up to our room, and there were 4 young men (approximately 21 years old) carrying pints of beer, and smoking swisher sweets. Eeewwww! Immediately I tried to avoid them. Well upon entering the area outside of the elevators, the men came strolling in past humongous signs that read "It is against the law in Nevada to smoke in this location." Pas de fumer!!!!! A-holes!

I pointed to the sign, and said "You can't smoke those in here." One kid acknowledged what I said, and promptly extinguished his cigar in that sandy stuff...don't really know what it is called. Anyway, the others blew me off, and of course, the elevator comes and they decide to get on still smoking. So...

I got off the elevator, and said, "I'm not riding if you're getting on!" A-holes!

They then decided to leave the elevator because I've supposedly made them feel uncomfortable. Yeah right. One kid says, "We're really nice boys maam. We're from Canada." Meanwhile I've crossed my arms in anger, and the elevator doors close. As the elevator went up, I heard, "Bitch!" Charlie got mad and yelled back "F you!"

I know that youth makes people feel invulnerable, but it just makes me cringe to see those men smoking. I mean there are so many Alphas who'd love to have their healthy lungs, and there they go wasting them. Sometimes, I just don't get it.

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