Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hedgehog Day

Tonight, while my family enjoyed a night out at one of our local restaurants, Meghan provided us with some comedy.

"Mommy, guess what! Guess what!"

"What?" I responded.

"Miss Amy says it is almost Hedgehog Day." As she said her profoundly exciting news, she gestured in an overly animated way. As a three-year old diva fashionista, she has been carefully studying my gestures and has decided that a gesture is apropos with every word she says. Honestly, it makes me giggle a bit, but she doesn't seem to care or notice. She even cocks her head to the side as if to emphasize her point even more.

"Meghan, do you think she meant Groundhog Day?" I inquired with a straight face, yet sly grin.

"Uh huh." She responded without skipping a beat. "If the sun comes out and he sees his shadow, he will go back to sleep. If it is cloudy, winter will go 'way soon."

While she didn't have the Groundhog Day details quite straight, it was so cute to see her professing her newfound knowledge courtesy of preschool.

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Childlife said...

Aww - I think I like 'Hedgehog Day' better... can we vote ? : )