Friday, June 06, 2008

Preschool Graduation

With every milestone achieved, this mommy feels tears of joy and pride. I can't believe how fast Meghan is growing up. My baby is growing up so quickly, and I feel like I'm missing it. I know that I'm really not missing it, but for some reason, Meghan's milestones are somewhat bittersweet. She is my last, and I tell her this all the time: "You will always be my baby." This picture was just about four years ago today. Look how small she was. Amazing.

Meghan graduated from preschool, K3, today. Tonight, we celebrated in the basement of the church. Her class sang three songs:
* Father I Adore You
* Devil is a Sly Old Fox
* We are the Dinosaurs
It was a very nice program. She was quite proud to sing in "the show" and spend time with her friends. I sat back, soaked it all in, and tried not to cry through the program. I know that most mommies don't cry, but she is a such a miracle in our lives. I can't help it. Enjoy these pictures of her K3 commencement:

The Devil is a Sly Old Fox...

Her class had a favorite prayer before snack time and lunch. It is called the shark prayer, and it made us giggle and giggle. She just loves it. Here is a video. I cut off the first couple of words, but you'll get the jist.


Tante said...

That's NICU nurse Anita! She took care of Hailey too!

~Denise~ said...

WOOHOOO! WTG baby girl!

Mama said...

Who are the mommies that don't cry about stuff like that?

Childlife said...

Oh, congrats Miss Meghan! That video clip was just the cutest, Jen!