Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Soldier

Words are not coming to me tonight. Emotions prevail right now.

I waffle between fear and tears, but at the same time have an immense amount of pride.

My 23 year old baby brother, Tim, enlisted in the Army Infantry today. He will be in for a little over 4 years, and has qualified to learn airborn (i.e. jumping out of airplanes). From the day he was born when I was 12, he has always sought out the military. I've got a ton of pictures of him pretending to be John Rambo. I'm surprised he waited this long, but here we are today. He is leaving for Fort Benning in Georgia on 7/15.

As much as I'm proud of Tim, I also terrified for him. He is after all my baby brother, and I love him with a very large heart. I pray he will be safe, and I'm pretty teary eyed right now.

So if you could spare prayers and positive thoughts for him from now on, please keep him in your prayers. Tim is such a good man, and he wholeheartedly believes in this life changing decision.

I guess I'm not ready to be the sister of an enlisted man. I've had such a mother-like role with him and all I want to do is protect him. Of course, that won't be possible when he may be so far away.

Thanks for thinking of him. He won't be put into active duty until sometime in November after his training is completed.

I've got a soldier for a brother now.


Tante said...

While this is scary, I believe this is what Timmy was always meant to do. Unfortunately, we have no control over others, but Tim will be the best soldier he can be. I believe the first time I ever met Tim, he was doing the army crawl in the back yard. I, too, am very proud of you Timmy John!

~Denise~ said...

It's always that double edge where you are so proud of them and scared at the same time. Jason's brother just returned from Iraq. It's sometimes easy to "forget" about our men & women serving over there daily when one doesn't have a family member serving, but when one does it brings it so much closer to home.

He's in my thoughts!