Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Butterfly

Day's light
I approach your slumber
You emerge from your cocoon
Blinking in confusion

I take notice of
The blues of you
How they caught my love
In their sights

The day I became a mom
Not knowing true love
I knew you

Loving naturally
Generous of spirit
Unending love for all
Fragile yet amazingly strong

How can it be?
That you entered
Your seventh year
Growing quickly

You amazed me
Reading all of your birthday cards
Aloud to your guests

Flashing back
To you
A top my lap as a toddler
Reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I proudly watched as you
Clumsily pushed the board book pages
As I said "Turn the page."
My pride beaming with your unusual feat

Now you read to me
Growing and changing
Expanding your horizons
Gleefully gaining knowledge

Evolving, maturing
Your transformation
Unfolding your beautiful wings
But always remaining Gracie

I can't wait to see
The evolution of you
As you spread your wings
Flying gracefully

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