Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gifts of Life

From the moment Grace was diagnosed with Alpha-1, I began a quest for knowledge. That journey to knowledge led me to a group of the most caring and supportive friends I've never met in person. My friends at Liver Families understood my worries, fears, and celebrated my girls' successes. They understand. They care. They know. They believe in cures and miracles. They do not turn away from Alpha-1. They do not have pity in their eyes for me, as the parent of two girls with a potentially life threatening disease. They know me as simply a parent...who loves her children. They know the greatest gift of life...time with loved ones when you have it. No life is taken for granted. No life is wasted. No love is wasted.

Two of my little Liver Families kiddos have left this life and flew on to be with the angels. Trenton, age 4, left yesterday, and Devin, age 2 1/2, left today. With profound sadness and tears in my eyes, I share their stories to encourage any of my readers to consider organ donation, especially during Organ Donation Awareness month.

I've followed Trenton's story for years...before, during, and after his liver transplant due to Alagille's Syndrome. An organ donor's gift gave him life and more time with his family. A head injury from a fall out of a window took his life, and now, his family is returning that gift by sharing his life with others in need.

I didn't know Devin as well, but his beautiful "sweet cheeks" nick name caught my attention. His gastroschisis caused intestinal atresia. He received a liver, pancreas, and intestinal transplant.

Please take a moment to appreciate your blessings in life, and please consider signing up to be an organ donor. Please do not forget to discuss your choice with your loved one. They ultimately make the decision for you after you are gone.

Oh and, please pray or send positive thoughts for Trenton and Devin's families.

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