Saturday, July 11, 2009

Surprising Results

My hopes were not high
Past experience taught me
You have trouble
With blood tests

Once you tried to bite
Another you bounced
Off all four walls
Others we restrained you

Many tantrums erupted
Even as a small baby
We had to
Poke your life from you

We had to know
If Alpha-1 would show
Even if your senses assaulted
Even if it hurt

My momma heart bled
Every time
I wanted to run
Run with you far away from Alpha-1

So this time we prepared
We had mental rehearsal
A tourniquet would go on
Numbing spray applied

The poke would be quick
Hurt less than a shot
"I know you can do it."
"But Mom," you'd whine.

But I doubted
I prepared for the worst
Even bribed you
With 25 cent jewelry

Some told me you could do it
But I believed otherwise
Until you turned on a dime
And showed me you could

Sitting there peacefully
Watching it all calmly
Making Mama so proud
My brave Gracie :)

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