Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Baby Girl

For the longest time
You bonded immensely
With your Daddy

So much so
That I worried
We wouldn't have a connection

I knew in my heart
That you loved me
But still I hoped

And prayed
That you would
Find a day

Where I would
Be of interest
And worthy of your excitement

Well here it is
My second born
Sweet precious miracle

Can't be without me
Rediscovered Mommy
And clutches me close

Fickleness aside
I've always known
You won't be little for long

You'll grow faster
And faster

Explore more things
Outside the boundaries
Of our home

But you
Will always be
My baby girl

Sweet, mischievous
Gorgeous, precious
Meghan Rose

1 comment:

Tante said...

Very sweet poem. But if you're ever feeling the loss of connection again, I'll bring Hailey over because then Meg will cling to you for dear life.