Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Beautiful Soul

An extremely tiny, beautiful soul entered Heaven on Friday.

Only his mother and father truly knew him. They knew his potential, his unending love, and what could have been his future. Even though I never met him, I feel as if I knew him inside and out. I'm not sure that makes logical sense, but I'll try explaining.

I simply knew of him as Jack.

He was growing inside my friend, Jack's mom. His mommy was so proud to be creating him that she told me when she was only 5 weeks pregnant. It was a secret, but I was absolutely honored to know my friend would become a mother. I was elated for her, and glad to have a new mommy to welcome to the world of parenting.

Even through all day sickness, Jack's mom was a fighter. Her strong and bright spirit helped her to keep her eye on the prize. Having also experienced all day sickness, I could sympathize immensely.

From the moment I first spoke with Jack's mom when I was 17, I saw her spirit was strong and bright. Even though Jack's mom didn't always know she was strong, I knew it. She proved it everyday that she would stay up late sharing her thoughts or just being silly with me. She never judged me or my circumstances. We had the best of times together. These times meant and still mean the world to me.

Unfortunately for Jack's parents, horrible circumstances unfolded. Jack's strong and bright spirit was held in a less than perfect body. He had to leave this world too soon, and leave his parents behind.

I've been praying for Jack and his parents. Even though they don't have him to hug and hold anymore, they will never forget their first born son, who made them parents. Jack's mom will forever be a proud mommy. Welcome to the club, Ames. I only wish you could have had more time with your dear sweet, little boy. I love you!

Oh and one more thing, hey Jack, up there with the angels, you need to know one very important thing about your mommy. She is so very proud of you little man, and she'll miss you forever.



Laurie said...

So beautiful.

Susan said...


I really feel badly for your friend and hope that God will give her another time to be a mother.
That was a very moving tribute.