Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm Missing Halloween!

Tomorrow is our neighborhood association's night time trick or treat event. I'm currently in a hotel room in Miami on business, and won't be home until after the girls have hit the candy parade. I'm sad and frustrated about that, but had little choice in the matter. I told Charlie he had better take pictures or else. LOL

On Saturday, I turn 34. I'm not quite sure what that means to me. Since I've been so busy with a crazy project at work, I haven't really had time to think about it. The other day, I realized that I'd be alone for most of the day since Charlie and the girls will be attending a band concert for Kesa in Madison. About a month ago, I chose not to go to the concert because of my birthday, but I didn't realize that I'd be alone. In response to this realization, I cried. Before any of my friends and family fire off an email to me or call me about it, please don't. I'm not looking for an invitation to being distracted from the fact that I won't be with the most important people in my world on my birthday (for part of the day). I just wanted to let out how I feel here in my journal. I find that feelings fester if I don't communicate them, and well folks, there really are much WORSE things than getting some alone time on my birthday. I've gained perspective on the matter, and am most concerned for one of my oldest friends.

She is going through the worst possible events right now, and I can't share what they are. All that I can ask is for you all to pray for my pal. She needs every single one she can get to help her get through grief.

Jen in Miami, FL

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