Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cough, Cough, Cough

As I write this, Meghan is gleefully playing inside our brand new, Santa delivered Disney Princess play hut tent. As she does every day, Meghan is humming her way through her imaginary world of the kitty vets office. Her newest family pet is a Fur Real Friend orange and white kitty. Grace's kitty is also visiting the vets office.

While I'm thoroughly enjoying the sounds of the girls playing together even if there is the occasional whining and whimpering, I don't like one sound I'm hearing over and over again. It is the sound of Meghan's cough, which resembles the sound that a curdled jug of milk might make if you shook it. The "chunk, chunk, chunk, gag, gag, gag" sounds are driving this Alpha mom a little bit crazy.

Once again, I'm standing here wondering how much damage Meghan's former micro-preemie and Alpha-1 deficient lungs are sustaining. Will it be 1% lung function or 2%? Or none? Who knows? Sheesh! I'm hoping and praying that the denial fairy will grace my presence, but today, she isn't coming.

Zithromax is currently battling it out with Meghan's bronchitis infection, and this mommy is willing it to win, win, win quickly.

Hopefully Meghan's health will improve in the new year, but I do know one thing. My Alpha girls are blessed even with their former preemie and Alpha-1 status. We are blessed today, and that is what I need to focus on.


Childlife said...

Hope Meghan is feeling better and getting rid of that cough soon! We had a cough at our place that lasted two weeks - not fun. Glad they are feeling well enough to play though : )

~Denise~ said...

Hope she is feeling better soon.