Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Bloggess

WARNING: If you are even slightly offended in any way, please do not read any further. A post by The Bloggess has given me one of the largest cases of the giggles ever:

The Bloggess

So, please do not click on the link unless you aren't offended by crude language!

I know this is outside the scope of my typical blog posts, but I really, really, really needed to laugh until it hurts. I bow in reverence to The Bloggess and continue to wipe tears of laughter off my face. Lego better watch out!


Tante said...

pretty funny

~Denise~ said...

That is damn funny. Phoenix got a new lego set last week and one of the guys doesn't have a face (even though he does on the box). Maybe I could borrow one of hers.

Mama said...

I love that Bloggess!