Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An Alpha's First Day of School...and Grace Off to First Grade

Sigh. I have two children in school now. How did that happen? How did they grow up so incredibly "in the blink of an eye" fast? Both of the girls will now be learning entirely in German so they'll be fluent by fifth grade...which is amazing to me. I'm sure they'll have secret stories to tell each other in German along the way, and I'll have a puzzled look on my face, hoping that they aren't making fun of me. LOL ;)

Meghan had her first day of 4-year old kindergarten today, which was actually an open house to visit and learn the surroundings. She has the same teacher (Frau Savignac) that Gracie had, about which we were pleased. Overall, I think Megs did great. She was a bit nervous, and kept bouncing/jumping around though. I would call it nervous energy.

Gracie began first grade, and has her first male teacher, Herr Hasse. She was very nervous last night about it, but I quickly reminded her that she would not have to know something before Herr Hasse took the time to teach her about it first. This soothed her, and made me smile. On the way out the door this morning, I asked that the girls pose for pictures in front of our house. Unfortunately, I asked her to remove her hat and sunglasses so I would be able to see her face in the pictures. Well, this was not well received, and we had a "battle" of sorts. I had to threaten a time out before she "half-way" cooperated. You'll see anger in some of the pictures. She isn't a fan of change, and I think it came out in the form of her trying to control things a bit. :)

So, the school year is off to a start now. Homework for Gracie is just around the corner, and well, it is hot today. It is 93 right now. Tomorrow, fall will arrive...high of 72. haha


~Denise~ said...

I cannot believe Miss Megs is going to school. Where did the time go.

Hoping their first days were great!

Childlife said...

Ah, that battle of wills -- I have seen that very look around here, and recently! :D

They both look adorable for their first day of school, Jen!