Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Things My Baby Says....

Meghan watched me pull on a Badger t-shirt yesterday, and said, "Mommy, it looks like you have a baby in your tummy."

I guess the fact that I have lost 15 pounds since mid-July hasn't done much for my stomach.



Here is another:

As I was helping put conditioner on Grace's hair while she was in shower, Meghan said, "Mommy, you used to be so sweet. Now, you are mean."

Her precious Daddy was away on a much-needed get away from the kids and wife weekend, and she was missing him terribly. A few stinging heart pains later, and I replied, "When I raise my voice Meghan, it is to get your attention. Why don't you try listening the first time and then maybe I won't sound so mean...even though I don't think I was being mean. You are lucky to have a mommy like me, who loves you and expects the best behavior from her daughters who I know are able to be well behaved."

Too bad I lost her attention at "When I..."


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Childlife said...

They never tune in to our most brilliant speeches, do they? Ha, ha!