Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Lifetime of Care

Gracie wore a lilac gingham dress to mark the special occasion. As we walked into the room, light streamed through the glass. Charlie carried Grace in the safety of her bucket car seat. Several babies were happily playing on the carpet, others were bouncing in chairs, another was receiving a diaper change from Miss Sue, and a few were having a morning nap.

I frantically searched the room for a reason...a reason why I shouldn't be leaving my precious baby, Grace, in their loving care. I knew that this was a normal reaction to the first day of childcare, but it gave me no comfort. Charlie seemed to be a little unglued, too, but he was more stoic than me. My lip trembled and a lump formed in my throat. Most of all, I couldn't believe that I would have to go to work that day. How could I possibly do that and not be an emotional mess? How?

Nearly six years ago this September, we left Gracie in the care of a lovely lady, close to retirement age, who was simply named Ms. Sue. There were several other teachers in her room, but none like Ms Sue. She was a take charge kind of lady. She seemed to be a magician to me. After all, how could she take care of so many babies simultaneously? She did though, and she did it with love. It made leaving Gracie a little easier, but didn't stop me from sobbing the whole way to work.

Nearly two years later, we left Meghan in her loving arms again along with another special teacher, Ms. Paula. Meghan was only about six pounds when she started...but she had come a VERY long way from her 1 pound, 9.5 ounce beginning. Leaving her with Ms. Sue and Ms. Paula was no easier, but we did it again. I somehow made it through that day, but I did end up in tears driving to work.

Somehow, six years have passed, and now we have closed a chapter of full time day care in our lives. On Friday, the girls spent their last day at Pilgrim Child Development Center. It was rather uneventful, yet reminds me yet again how fast time does fly by when you are watching precious miracles grow into young girls.

Grace is starting first grade on Tuesday, and Meghan will be entering K4 too. It has been an amazing journey and I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Enjoy some pictures from their last days at PCDC.


Tante said...

I can't wait to see the girls every day at school. It will help me get through the day without my baby girl!

Childlife said...

Just wonderful to see how well they are doing now after how much you have been through together! I'll be so excited to hear how wonderfully they do this year -- I firmly believe that new chapters are the toughest on us moms ;)