Sunday, August 31, 2008

Finding Courage Through Sharing August 2008


This month, Childlife, has a new topic for the Finding Courage Through Sharing blog carnival. The topic for this month is memories and memory markers. Share about something that trips a memory in your journey with your child or children, or just a memory that is special to you. The memory can be happy, sad, or anything in between. If you don’t have time to write specifically for this prompt, feel free to share a post that matters to you from your archives.

For August, I've decided to include a post from my archives, which is really quite devastatingly sad, and profoundly affected me...especially how I respond to my life, my childrens' lives, and how I experience the love provided to me by all my loved ones. This post was originally entitled "I'll Never Forget," which is why I've selected it for this month's topic. Read more here:

In memory of Antonio Jovanni Perez. You are forever loved, remembered, and cherished.


rhemashope said...

Thanks for sharing Antonio with those of us who have no idea what it is like to have a child who suffers with a liver disease. Because of your beautiful post, he will be remembered by even more people and I will pray for his family.

Childlife said...

Jen, that was such a beautiful, beautiful tribute to a special little boy -- and I know a little of what it cost you to write it. I find myself taking deep breaths too, now and then, as I come across other families going through similar challenges that ours has faced. You are a model of what it means to be selfless -- to help others through your own pain. Thank you for being such a persistently beautiful inspiration to others -- I am so very proud to know you.


lonestar818 said...

That is such a heartbreaking post, and yet a beautiful tribute to Antonio, his life, and his family. Thanks for sharing it.