Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today, I felt the sun on my skin
The breeze on my face
The grass crunch beneath my feet
The earth between my toes
The toasting of the mid-day sun
And then, the coolness of shade

Today, I felt acknowledged, accepted
Free to be my true self
Without a mask
Worthy and understood
Needing, experiencing, wanting

No longer marching routinely
No longer engrossed in items of no value
No longer missing out on colors or joyful thoughts
No longer forgetting to giggle until it hurts

Today was a gift
A gift to myself
The smiling and laughing me
Heart, body, and soul
Amazing me

1 comment:

Childlife said...

Beautiful, Jen! I always try to live in the moment, but this was just a lovely reminder. Thanks so much for sharing!