Saturday, August 09, 2008

Disneyland, USA

After some time in Phoenix, we drove to Anaheim, California to visit Disneyland. The girls were ecstatic, but the adults were not so thrilled with the crowds and hot, humid 90-degree weather. We all agreed it was magical to see how the girls responded to it all, though. I suppose the five hour drive to get there was what "did us in." :)-

We rode rides and ate bad theme park food, but we survived. :) Grace seemed to have sensory overload and ended up in tears quite a bit. She was thrilled with a story book canal boat ride though. She loved seeing real ducks swimming along the way. All-in-all, it was a bit nostalgic for me. I remember how I felt as a child looking up at all of the blissful child-centered experience.

A very magical part of the day was when the girls got to watch the Parade of Dreams. Gracie kept telling me that "those" were the real princesses. She was simply stunned by seeing them atop the floats. She asked me to take pictures of all of them. Here are a select few from the parade:

Darkness fell, and we purchased some light-up Minnie Mouse ears for the girls.

It all ended with a surprise run-in with the old mouse himself: Mickey Mouse.

And then there was this very magical view...

Followed by a tram ride back to the parking lot...

So two little girls' dreams were fulfilled, and like these balloons, both were on cloud 9. :)

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Childlife said...

I'm so glad your family had a chance to just have some fun! Looks like a great time, even if it was a little exhausting :)