Saturday, August 09, 2008


Well hello my old pal, blog!

I’m back and really not very rested at all so this entry won't be my usual narrative-style of writing. We’ve just returned from a week long whirlwind trip to Phoenix, Arizona to visit with my mom. I felt like I was on fire in Phoenix…hot doesn’t quite begin to describe the heat there. I’m also a bit “toasted” by the sun. Guess what! This red-headed fair skinned gal burns through SPF 50 sunscreen in one half hour. I guess I should have gone for the zinc oxide. Haha Ouch!

I thought I’d post some pictures of our vacation, which started off with lots of swimming in Grandma Sherry’s backyard pool.

Grace learned how to swim under water on this trip...

Then, we went to Phoenix's wildlife zoo, which is pretty close to Grandma Sherry's house. The girls were ecstatic when the zoo train took them up close to the animals within the enclosures.

Next, we headed for Sedona, Arizona for beautiful scenery and to experience what Grandma Sherry calls the spiritualness of Sedona. I didn't quite know what to expect until I saw the red rocks jutting out of the toasted dessert sand. These pictures really didn't capture the true experience for me, but they did turn out beautifully.

I'll post some more pictures soon of the rest of the trip. This one is long enough now.

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