Monday, August 11, 2008

A Glimpse into the Mind of Gracie

"Mom, I'm pretty clumsy."

"Yes, sometimes Gracie."

"Well, even though I'm pretty clumsy that isn't bad. Right?"


"Cause Mom, we all can't be not clumsy, right?"

"Yes, Gracie. All of us are different and unique in our own ways. That is what makes us special."

"Yeah, we don't all want to be the same cause that would be boring."

I guess she does listen to me afterall. :) I love that girl so much. I'm so proud that she can accept her strengths and weaknesses together.

She also happens to now have 2 very, very wiggly front, lower teeth in her mouth. She is so excited, and I'm just amazed by how quick the time has gone by. I vividly recall when those baby teeth erupted. Where did my baby girl Gracie go? She has grown up into a young girl now. Wow.


Tante said...

If you'd like to remember the good ole times of teething, Hailey has started and is just a huge drool bucket. She would love to gnaw on you if you get a chance. If Grace waits until school starts to lose her tooth/teeth, she gets a cool tooth necklace.

Childlife said...

Jacqui's first lost teeth hit me much the same way Jen -- Grace sure is a sweetheart!