Sunday, August 31, 2008

For Lisa: Singing in the Rain Award

Having been the recipient of a very special award called the Singing in the Rain Award from Childlife at In the Life of a Child, I knew I would eventually pass it on to a very deserving parent. Honestly, I wish I didn't have to pass it along because the person I'm passing it along to has had so very much to handle lately...honestly, in my opinion, too much...yet she perserveres and keeps her faith in all things good in life. So Lisa, here it is:

Lisa is an amazingly resilient mother to her very special miracle sons Aiden and Mason. I "met" Lisa online in 2002 at a discussion forum for parents with children who have liver disease. Aiden was born with biliary atresia, received a life-saving liver transplant, developed life-threatening food allergies, and has now been diagnosed with dysautonomia. While his life has been full of medical challenges, I've never known Lisa to waiver in her faith in God and her family. Please consider sending positive thoughts and prayers to Lisa's entire family.

I just love the bible reference she has posted at the top of Aiden's web page: "He will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with happy shouting." Job 8:21

You can read Aiden's story on his Caringbridge web page. Lisa's post on August 29, 2008 was what made me think to pass the award along to her.

Lisa, I hope this awards brings you a smile even if for only a moment. Many virtual hugs coming through cyberspace to you!




awwwwww.... that is soo sweet!! THANK YOU! HEY, I learned to sing in the rain from these kids who just DANCE in the rain... they teach us, don't they.


Childlife said...

What a lovely person to pass this on to, Jen! :)