Friday, December 12, 2008

Did She Really Just Say That?

Tonight, I watched the final episode of Boston Legal online. As the show was wrapping up, two of the characters kissed one another in a pretty benign way.

Grace saddled up next to me, and said, "Mommy, who are those people?"

"They are characters on this pretend show."

"Why are they kissing?"

"Well, they are boyfriend and girlfriend, and that is why they are kissing."

As I returned to paying attention to the dialogue, Grace added plainly, "Joseph is my boyfriend."

(Insert sound of Jen's brain registering the fact that her first grade daughter just announced that she has a boyfriend.)

I stuttered a response. "You have a boyfriend, Gracie?"

Her blue eyes met mine, and she added flatly, "Uh huh. He is a boy, and he is my friend."

(Insert sound of Jen's relief at Grace's continued naiveness.)

"Sophie and Lavette think it is funny that I have a boy friend. They giggle when I play with him. We made a snow fort on the playground, and we like to pretend we are animals. I love, love, love to be the kitty. I love kitties."

"It is fun to have boy friends, isn't it Gracie?"

"Yes, Joseph is really fun and nice."

"When I was in first grade, I liked to play with boys too."

(Insert Jen's memory of chasing an 8th grade boy all over the playground because I "liked" him and wanted to marry him.)

(Now wrap this up to insert Jen's continued relief that her little girl is still a little girl at least for now...)

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