Sunday, December 07, 2008

Just a Boy

When he was just a boy of 5
I left to start my adult life
Off to college I went
Before I left, he tugged my sleeve, and said
"You can't go. You're like the other mom."
"Sorry Timmy. I'll miss you, but I must go."
Now we've reversed roles
This summer as a man of 23
He left to join the Army
To have a purpose and mission in life
Before he left, I hugged him close, and said
"Are you sure Tim? This is could mean your life."
His Airborne training now is complete
He has landed safely on his feet
A deployment is not far off
He'll leave to serve
But before he goes
I want him to know
How proud I am of him and the man he's become

1 comment:

Tante said...

What a handsome man! Timmy John, I am so proud of you. You were in 4th grade when I met you. I helped you with a crossword puzzle on Wisconsin. I always knew you were destined to serve our country. Thank you.