Sunday, December 28, 2008

Holiday Update

Well, the holidays are pretty much over for our family. We all were blessed with our health, our happiness, our family, our friends, and many gifts. Grace and Meghan were filled with the magic of the season. Both were very happy to sing along to Christmas music and very much enjoyed trimming the tree. They also enjoyed making or selecting gifts for their loved ones, which also included our family cat, Winnie. She very much enjoyed rolling in her catnip and playing with her sparkle balls.

Both of the girls received brand new Our Generation dolls, and those were a bit hit. They enjoy playing dolls, and making Mom or Dad put the doll clothes on or off. Gracie got her best wish and received a gigantic Fur Real Kitty. It is well loved already, and then Uncle Matt and Sarah gave her a twin version. She is in heaven as both the cats enjoy playing together. haha Meghan greatly enjoys her Swim to Me Puppy along with her Moon Sand too.

This mama thinks we need to go through our older toys and select some for children who need them more than our over indulged beauties! ;)

Finally, Grace gave us a bit of a scare yesterday. She bounced off my in-laws couch and hit her right cheek bone on the corner of the coffee table. She has a huge bruise, and hopefully, it will be less visible by the time she returns to school next week.

Oh and big sister, Kesa, is here. Hooray! The girls are literally beaming with love and excitement to have her with us. I think that is certainly their best Christmas gift of the season. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season.

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Susanna said...

our dog's name is Winnie!