Friday, January 09, 2009

Mornings do not come easy to me or you

Today, you awoke complaining

Which you do most days

Except today, my mommy radar alarmed

At first, I went about morning business as usual

Encouraging you to sit up and drink something

Reminding Meghan to put her school clothes on

Wondering if this was you needing a mental health day

Brushing hair

Finding shoes

Folding up snow pants

Digging up unwet mittens

Scurrying around

Then, I found you curled up on the floor

In the hallway

Clutching your tummy and moaning

All dressed for school

Yet on the floor in the hallway in the fetal position

I feel your forehead

And find a fever

As well as the realization that you are sick

So my plans change

And you get a day at home in bed with your "friends" on TV


Jen said...

So sorry Gracie is sick, hope she's much better asap. Everyone needs a day in bed, at home, with Mom and some good TV every once in a while.........

Childlife said...


Poor Gracie! Hope she's all better now!