Saturday, January 24, 2009


"10:30 class! Come on in!"

As I grabbed the door's metal handle, I felt cool air rush past my feet. I tugged harder and the suction let go so I could open the door. Meghan's hand was in my left hand, and she shivered a bit as the air from the pool area rushed past her. I glanced down to see her lips trembling, and her lilac swimming suit clinging to her trim figure.

"Come on Megs! Let's go swimming!"

"Yay!" she shouted.

"Remember to walk Megs. This floor is slippery."

"Uh huh, Mama."

The familiar scent of chlorine invaded, and various parents were guiding their children toward the pool or into the locker room. As children and parents left the pool, the water that clung to them would fall off and escape toward the floor drains.

Meghan's teacher, Kristin, winked at her as we walked past, and Meghan's face lit up a bit in response. A wide grin emerged across her face, and then erupted into a toothy smile. Meghan was gleeful to be swimming today, which meant we would have a good class together. Excitement was exuding from her every pore.

I dropped our towels along the wall of the pool area, and Meghan selected a spot for us to sit with our feet dangling poolside.

"Mama! Sit here! Sit here! I like this spot."

"Okay, Megs."

The teacher began calling names for attendance. "Ella B?"

"Here," Ella meekly responded.

"Meghan B?"

Meghan's right arm shot into the air, as she said, "Here I am." Kristin smiled in response to her enthusiasm. As attendance wrapped up, Meghan had already begun making "rain drops" on herself and me.

"Okay, Moms and Dads! Get into the pool, please." an assistant teacher ordered. As I slid into the pool, I was glad to find the water very warm. I'm not fond of freezing cold swimming pools.

Then, Meghan flipped over onto her stomach on the side of the pool, and slid into the pool feet first. I caught her at the shoulders and we began to bounce around together in the water. She giggled in response to the bouncing. I couldn't help but notice her smile and ease in which her exuberance shined.

It was one of those parenting moments where you fall more and more in love with your child, and for me, the moments often catch me unprepared for the love fleeing from heart toward hers. To me, there was something glimmering from within Meghan even as her lips trembled while we played and swam.

We spun around some more in the water, and then took our instructions as the class progressed. A few rounds of If You're Happy and You Know It and The Grand Old Duke of York, and then we chased pool toys around using our "reach and pull" arms. In apropos form, Meghan selected a blue letter M with which to swim.

As the 1/2 hour session came close to ending, Meghan pulled herself out of the pool, spun around, and faced me.

"Toes over the edge, please. Okay? Ready! Set! Jump!" I instructed.

Meghan's feet left the tile poolside, and she lunged into the water toward my open arms. I could see every tiny rib coming toward me as she made a splash down.

"Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" she screeched.

Water splashed full into my face, and she giggled more in response. I blinked away the excess, and said, "Okay. Two more jumps, and then it is time go."

"Yay! I love jumps Mom. I love 'em!" Meghan sprung into the pool two more times, and then we made our way toward the ladder to get out of the pool. As she climbed out first, water fell off of her and escaped toward the drain. I followed her out of the pool, and we both began to shiver. It was a great swim session, and if it is possible, she enlarged the love I have for her every more. She may be tiny, but she is full of life.

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