Thursday, March 05, 2009

RIP Jasmine

You purred your way into my heart
Even though I was afraid to love a new pet
Not wanting to feel a loss again
Yet here I am today, tears coming easily
My kitty friend gone off to heaven

Am remembering
Our special min-Jazzer, Jattymin
Remembering how you were a contradiction
A first rate boxer
A gentle hearted snuggler

Timmy's pal and confidant
So in love with his "beeah" blankey
Holding it in your teeth
Kneading it lovingly
Becoming embarrassed when caught

Finding a sunny spot
Lounging in the window frame
Calling to the birds lovingly
Patiently pretending to be a friend
Hoping to get a feathery taste

Allowing me to "cratch unna a neck"
Snuggling in for more scratching
Purring until you were done
Letting me know
With hissing

Playing tacky cat with Mom
Getting all riled up
Letting out a low growl
Rearing up on your haunches
Prancing down upon her wrist

Enjoying your catnip filled missile toy
Rubbing it on your cheeks
Holding it gently with your front paws
But attacking it with your back claws
Making us all laugh

Helping me to know it was okay
To love another kitty again
Purring as I stroked you
Enriching our family
You'll always be loved

Rest in peace Jasmine


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((((hugs)))) I'm so sorry Jen.