Sunday, March 29, 2009

What If

Today, Meghan and I enjoyed a rare few hours of one-on-one time. Grace was off with my dad to see a play. So, Megs and I decided to buy some new Easter shoes. We made our way to the store, selected some white "high-heel" sandals, and left rather quickly as it was approaching dinner time.

On the way home in the car, Meghan peppered me with silly what-if scenarios. Here is a sampling:

"Mom, Kafaleen doesn't ask me to come over anymore," Meghan plainly stated.

"Well, Megs, maybe we should ask her to come over to our house?"

"What if she doesn't member me, Mom?"

"She remembers."

"What if we didn't know each other, and I wanted her to come over?"

"Well then, you'd be strangers, and probably wouldn't go to each others houses."

"But what if I knew Kafaleen and she didn't know me? What if?"

"Uh..." I stuttered as she kept going.

"And what if I didn't know Kafaleen, and she knew me?"

"You're being silly Megs. Are you having fun with what if questions?"

"Uh huh," she replied without a pause. "What if I never met Kafaleen at PCDC, Mom?"

"Well then, you wouldn't know each other."

"And what if Kafaleen never met me, Mom?"


"What if I ask Kafaleen to come over for a play date?"

"We can arrange that, Megs."

"What if she can't come over?"

"We can pick a different day then."

"What if she can't come over on the different day, Mom?"

"Then we can pick yet another day for a play date."

"What if she doesn't want to come over?"

"Well, I don't think that would happen, but if it did, we could ask one of your German school friends to come over."

"What if my room is too messy for my friends to see?"

"Aha. That you can control Meghan. You can clean it up with Gracie so that your friends can come over."

"Mom, what if I didn't know how to clean it up?" she wryly questioned with a smirk growing into a full smile.

I laughed and replied, "What if you didn't ask me all of these silly what if questions all the time?"

"What if I didn't know how to stop asking what if questions, Mom?"

"What if you did know Meghan? What if you knew that asking Mommy all of these what if questions would make Mommy a little bit crazy?"

"But what if it didn't, Mom?"

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