Sunday, October 25, 2009

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency and the Flu

Grace has come down with the flu, just which virus it is...I don't know.

I'm betting that many parents of children with Alpha-1 have questions about how to treat their children when they have illnesses. Hey Alpha parents out there in cyberspace! Is this a concern of yours?

My oldest baby girl, Gracie, is sick, sick, and more sick right now. Recently, we decided to switch both Grace and Meghan to Dr. Jeffrey Teckman's care. He indicated to us that we should only be using Tylenol to treat run of the mill childhood infections. Upon hearing this, we began following his orders.

But now, Gracie is going on almost day 3 of high fevers. Has anyone else noticed that Tylenol doesn't last as long as ibuprofen?

Since Alpha-1 in children is a genetic disorder of the liver, I also want to be careful of how much Tylenol we give Gracie right now. It is fine line between using Tylenol at correct dosages to treat her fever, but also hard not to imagine accidentally inducing Tylenol toxicity in her liver if we give it to her too often. Perhaps I'm a bit more of a worrier than the next Alpha-1 mom or dad, but these are things I've been mulling over today.

Even though Grace currently has a flu virus, I still want to get her annual influenza vaccination. We were told Grace and Meghan should not have the flu mist because it is live virus. So that is bad news from my kids' perspective as they already detest shots, but the flu shot contains dead virus. When they are both healthy again, I'm taking them in for their shots. I hope to be able to get them the H1N1 vaccine, too.

Anyone else out there consider these issues? Let me know via a comment. Thanks.

Stay healthy!


J. said...

hopefully it doesn't spread through the rest of you like wild fire! Get Better

Misti said...

As a mom of Saddie (SZ) these are my thoughts... I can go along in life living with the Alpha and pretending everything is fine, but when she gets sick. Bam!!! This H1N1 has scared me. My husband and I have talked about not letting her go to school and keeping her home safe with us. But she loves school so we are just trying to do all we can to keep her protected. I hope your daughter starts feeling better, please keep us updated. You can't believe how much it helps to hear your thoughts on how to deal when they get sick and to know you are getting the H1N1 vaccine. I appreciate all of your info. Thanks, Misti

Anonymous said...

happy birthday jen.

love matt