Friday, October 23, 2009

Hey Grim Reaper! Buzz Off!

To quote my future sister-in-law, Sarah, who so eloquently said, "Hey Grim Reaper! Buzz the he-- off!"

In September, my cousin Diane lost her precious one-year old daughter, Abigail, in a horrific choking accident.

My brother-in-laws' office announced it was closing, and he may need to move my pregnant sister and nieces and nephew to Minnesota next year.

My mom was diagnosed with skin cancer near her collar bone, and the biopsy report came back indicating they weren't able to remove it all with the surgery.

Grandma Lindamood passed away from a heart attack last week.

Today, Uncle Gary was diagnosed with an advanced form of colon cancer, and his prognosis doesn't look too good. Also, Uncle Mike had a stroke, but it appears he may recover with time and patience.

Grim Reaper! Buzz off!


Lauren said...

Not that I need to add to the negativity, but Mom's cancer should be on that list, too. :( I hate October.

Jen said...

I agree Lauren...I'll add it.