Saturday, October 17, 2009

Freaky Deaky

"Mom," Meghan whispered as I chatted with my sister on the phone.

I whispered back, "Meghan. Mommy is on the phone. I'll talk to you after I hang up."

"But Mom," she whispered again. "Cole loves me, and I love him."

This caught my attention quickly, but a wide grin emerged across her thin face as she coyly turned to leave the room.

From the girl's room, I could hear Grace yelling. "Meghan! Meghan! Did you tell Mommy who I love? 'Cause you weren't supposed to tell! You weren't supposed to tell!"

As I wrapped up my phone call, I spoke into the air toward the hallway. "No Grace. She didn't tell me that. She said she loves Cole."

"Oh. Okay. Annnyyyywwwwaaaayyyyy, 'cause I love Trevor. He is so cute, and can run really, really fast. I love Trevor. He plays with me on the playground."

Meghan joined in, "I love Cole. He kisses me."

As I walked into their room, I asked, "Where does he kiss you Meghan?"

"At school, on the playground, Mom."

"Uh. I meant where on your body does he kiss you, Meghan?"

"On my cheek, Mom. I love Cole."

Grace added, "Trevor is so cute. I love him."

"Is he in your class again this year, Gracie?"

"Uh huh. He's in my class."

As I rubbed my forehead, I observed, "This is freaky deaky. I can't believe my baby girls are telling me who they love at ages 7 and 5. Freaky deaky!"

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