Friday, December 29, 2006


On December 23rd, I was wrapping gifts in our rec room, and heard "Jen, Meghan just puked." I walked up the basement stairs to hear whimpering from Meghan, the puker. She was covered in it and so was my mom (the pukee) who had tried to help her. Upon entering the living room, I smelled THAT smell. You know. That horrible, awful virus puke smell. I'm sure any day care provider could identify it as the "smell smelled round the world." haha

In any case, this began Megs nonstop episode of consistent vomitting for nearly 8 hours into the wee hours of Christmas Eve. I spent much time cleaning up Meghan in baths, scrubbing soaked clothes, cleaning the carpet, and washing my hands over and over again. I was hoping beyond hope that I wouldn't catch the ick, but in the back of my mind, I kept remembering that I was still on prednisone for my bronchitis. Right on the package, it said something to the effect of this medicine can lower your resistance to infection.

Upon the puking ending, Meghan then started with the worst smelling BMs. She put pig farm smells to shame. Even the flys wouldn't come around her. Poor baby...In any case, our Christmas experience in the B family household was a bit lacking. We were too busy being covered in puke to get into the spirit of the holiday, but we still went through the motions.

Ultimately, we made it to Christmas morning. Charlie and I were a bit blurry eyed due to the normal parent experiences during the wee hours of Christmas morning. About 1/2 hour before the girls woke up, I came down with a nasty migraine headache. Merry frickin Christmas! Sorry if that offends you but this holiday is going down in the number one spot on my list of worsts. Ooh la la! How wonderful! A blinding, raging headache to go with your Christmas cheer.

After the headache had been dulled a bit, we opened our gifts. The girls were quite pleased with what Santa brought, but Meghan's pallor was ghastly to say it nicely. Plus, she gifted us with some of those lovely scents of ransid, rotting flesh in her diaper.

In any case, Meghan seemed to be past the worst of norovirus, and I was glad that she was a bit better. Well much to my chagrin, Meghan was sitting nicely in my lap helping me to open one of my gifts and suddenly hurled into the very convenient gift bag I was "opening." Thus, commenced round 2 of puke fest 2006. Eeeeeeewwwwwwww!

So, is anyone wondering if I acquired this ick yet?

DA DA DA DA DAAA DAAA DAAAA (say that to the theme of STAR WARS)

I awoke on 12/26 to a fun filled festival of pukiness too. 12/27 was a day of visits to the potty for me too.

So there...there was my holidays wrapped up in a nutshell.

Wasn't this the most pleasant posting I've ever written?

Yours in norovirus recovery,


PS: Somehow, Charlie and Grace have evaded the fun. I hope that doesn't change. I've already "boiled" myself and everything around me to minimize germs. :)


Amanda said...

I know this goes down in the list of all time worst Christmases, but the way you wrote about it was LOL funny. :) I hope you're feeling better now!! Those gut viruses are the worst.

childlife said...

Oh Jen! That sounds absolutely dreadful! Poor kids... and poor you!

I think we had that same wretched bug for Thanksgiving of 2006. We were in NYC for Jacqui's most recent surgery and they had to bump her surgery out a week while we all hung out in a tiny hospital-subsidized apartment and puked our brains out. At one point all four of us were in the ER for IV hydration. We joke about it being part of our worldwide ER tour.

Boy do I feel for you though, that was one NASTY bug... And those BM's - whew-eee! I think you hit the description right on the nose... so to speak : ) So sorry you had such a rotten holiday... hope this one coming up is TONS better!